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Pulcino della Minerva
25 April 2013

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7 April 2013

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16 March 2013

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The Hunter
8 June 2011

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End of Upswing
30 April 2011

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Last Day of Creation
25 April 2010

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"A Life Without Ducks...
2 December 2008

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Plant Week, Day I
29 April 2008

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31 December 2007

Recent Comments

Per Rasmussen on Thomaskirche, Leipzig: Ceiling
Hi - I found your very beautiful photo, while googling for pictures of Thomaskirche. I want to layout a ...

Jurgen on Bergerkirche Düsseldorf, Altar
If you like, you can find more images of this church at this site: ...

Derbyshire on Notre-Dame du Finistère: Window
I am the great, great, granddaughter of JF Pluys. He is the gentleman with the beard in the lower left hand corner of ...

Phil Morris on Pulcino della Minerva
Hi, It is Phil Morris here, I was wondering if you can identify a photo, where it is, I would like to send it to you, ...

Phil Morris on End of Upswing
One of your classic images, So beautiful !~

franz on Santa Maria sopra Minerva: Window
wunderbare studie dieses farbenfrohen fensters! ich habe solche fotos schon oft versucht, bin aber mit den ...

franz on Citykirche, Mönchengladbach: Interior
sehr beeindruckendes interieur !!!

Abena on Citykirche, Mönchengladbach: Interior
I love the touch of blue light on the floor here and of course the architecture.

Abena on Santa Maria sopra Minerva: Window
And you wonder how much work goes into all of that. This is beautiful. Gorgeously taken and the window itself is an art!

Ted on Real Water Of Cologne
this is such a trendy station!

Ted on Santa Maria sopra Minerva: Window
don't think you've shot a better window!

Ted on Citykirche, Mönchengladbach: Interior
excellent work with that light.

Steven on Citykirche, Mönchengladbach: Interior
Incredible depth to this composition created with the PoV that you've captured!!

Phil Morris on Citykirche, Mönchengladbach: Interior
Yes, I could live quite happily there, what magnificence, very rarely seen this side of the world, superb !~

Steven on Santa Maria sopra Minerva: Window
Incredible details and warm colors!!

Phil Morris on Santa Maria sopra Minerva: Window
People are so anxious for their open concept kitchens and blank walls, they forget the amazing beauty of yesteryear, ...

rick on Santa Maria sopra Minerva: Window
Sublime...wonderful stained glass.

Abena on Santa Maria sopra Minerva: Carafa Chapel
Give it a try? hah maybe sometime in the next decade :) Gorgeous stitching work, I wonder a lot of the time how much ...

maximage on Santa Maria sopra Minerva: Carafa Chapel
Beautiful church. Wonderful details and marvelous colors. Well done.

Abena on Santa Maria sopra Minerva, Interior
Click click, click and click, some ten yrs later haha, well it does look pretty impressive, the architecture and the ...

Steven on Santa Maria sopra Minerva, Interior
Beautiful warm colors captured in this interior shot!! And the people help establish the grand scale.

franz on Santa Maria sopra Minerva, Interior
manchmal lohnt es sich zu warten .... super gemacht, ganz große klasse ! ich liebe diesen blauen himmel ...

Phil Morris on Santa Maria sopra Minerva, Interior
Magnificent, I know that if I was there with you, I would not embarrass myself by taking a picture also, superb !~

Abena on Pulcino della Minerva
Ah, that elephant is massive ! Brought into perspective by the people. Intriguing and cool!

Steven on Pulcino della Minerva
Beautiful tones and contrasts in this composition! Amazing how everything is still well-intact almost 400 years later.

franz on Pulcino della Minerva
wunderschöne linienführung und spannende details, wie zb dieser obelisk-tragende elefant ...

Phil Morris on Pulcino della Minerva
Simply magnificent, really love this as not the scene I would have expected given the place. Beautiful work !~

Mariana Maoduš on Pulcino della Minerva
wonderful frame .

Abena on Regina Caelorum
Yeah, that is amazing. I love looking at the sheer size of these and your framing of them, it's beautiful. And ...

Phil Morris on Regina Caelorum
Really love the beautiful panels in particular, which must be carved from wood, or are they all cast in iron ? ...

Abena on Real Water Of Cologne
I envy you and that gorgeous wide-angle lens of yours, hey, maybe one day I'll invest in one :) It shows here: ...

Steven on Real Water Of Cologne
An interesting find for the right location! Great colors and lighting captured here in this well-framed shot!!

Phil Morris on Real Water Of Cologne
Makes for a superb photo, however they should have one or two supermodels working the ramps !~

franz on Real Water Of Cologne
sehr schöne farb- und lichtverhältnisse! 4711 ist wohl ein dauerrenner (hat schon meine oma verwendet ... ...

Japanalia on Real Water Of Cologne
Right...but the fragrance is far from being up to the advertisement! I tried it!

Japanalia on Children On Their Way Beyond The Rainbow
I feel like saying: "Who's that Sun over there?" The real Sun has turned precious, we can hardly see its ...

Japanalia on Pick One!
This vending machine looks like a modern building in miniature; many floored and giving us a glimpse of the ...

Japanalia on Dead Heart Of A Vibrant City
The location is, indeed, interesting, makes one think a lot!!! reach there might not make it ...

Abena on Children On Their Way Beyond The Rainbow
And that is such a huge scene ! Wide-open, ha, great noticing that they're all headed one direction.

franz on Children On Their Way Beyond The Rainbow
ein bisschen "enigma" kann nicht schaden ... ;-)

Phil Morris on Pick One!
The first two rows I don't recognize any of them, and the Hitchsies, what the ...., I love the machine on the ...

Phil Morris on Children On Their Way Beyond The Rainbow
I can see why you feel that way, after posting a photo like this, truly inspiring, all the people on a mission it ...

Curly on Pick One!
A complete sugar mountain squeezed into a box!

Abena on Blinking
Thought provoking post and very much of it true. I read the comments above and pretty much agree with all of it; the ...

Abena on Dead Heart Of A Vibrant City
Ah, that is amazing. What a feel it must to be there and have that ancient air swirling round. It looks interesting and ...

Ted on Dead Heart Of A Vibrant City
I know exactly what you mean...doing the same myself. Then the Forum is pretty timeless after all!!

Abena on The Sleeping Funfair
Wee hours of morning haha 9'oclock? :) How do you get your images so large, it looks good ! I'm so sure this ...

Japanalia on Anyway
There's always going to be something horrible taking place somewhere on this planet while you drink your morning ...

Japanalia on Springtime!
The trees are looking at their best! Fine pieces of artistic participation in the life of the street...soon their ...

Japanalia on Joachim Klos window, Citykirche, Mönchengladbach
What? You look at this work and are free to imagine the story? Unbelievable idea!!!!! Abstract at its best!

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