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Bavarian Window in Cologne Cathedral

Posted by
MadScientist (Düsseldorf, Germany) on 11 March 2008 in Art & Design.

One of the 19th century glass-windows in the Cologne Cathedral. Light was perfect. Almost.

Michael Skorulski from Cigel, Slovakia

Fantastic detail and color in this sharp image. There is just so much to see. I think I might have rotated the image a slight bit CCW. It has a mild tilt.

11 Mar 2008 7:13am

@Michael Skorulski: Oops, you're right :-)

Man With 101 Names from Hamburg, United States

very nice

11 Mar 2008 12:15pm

@Man With 101 Names: Thank you, glad you like it!

Laurent from Lyon, France

You manage very well the light and the window is really colorful even if the right part get less light than the left one.
As Michael, I would have rotated a little bit the picture

11 Mar 2008 12:21pm

@Laurent: I know '-)
(These windows are 5 meters approx. above ground and I didn't have a tripod at hand, so the photo got a bit tilted and slanted.)

MaryB from Staffordshire, United Kingdom

Such a magnificent window the colours and details are marvelous, you have captured it beautifully MS.
Have you got Picasa2? it's great for correcting tilt's and slants in photo's and lot's of other things too and it's free :)

11 Mar 2008 2:52pm

@MaryB: Thanks for that hint, Mary - Mac only, well almost :-) I'll try to run it on my Windows emulator, I really could use a software that is able to correct my distorted shots easily!

Japanalia from Yokohama, Japan

A very good capture, indeed! One can folow the story and see clearly the figures and their faces! Few can manage it so well!

11 Mar 2008 3:55pm

@Japanalia: Thank you! This window was well lit, so the colors came out (almost) perfectly. To shoot photos of the more complex medieval windows is more difficult. I'll retry this next time.

lucie from san francisco, United States

wow this is absolutely fantastic! Almost make me want to be religious.

11 Mar 2008 3:58pm

@lucie: This would help you understand the story behind the pictures.
While protestant churches usually pass on splendid décor because the religious experience is individual and introversive, catholic (and orthodox) churches show the splendor and invite you to watch. Because the Catholic doesn't necessarily need to have a personal revelation, he can rely on rite and tradition instead. The apparent opulence symbolizes God's splendor, it's like a promise given to all believers, even to those who are somewhat shallow and simple-minded (like me), and who don't want to become a priest or preacher. And even if you don't understand all the codes and religious subtleties, the rite can give a rhythm to your life, and the art can enjoy your heart and mind.

Disclaimer: I'm Catholic, as you already might have guessed :)

Steven from Chicagoland, United States

Nice capture of colors, MS! I always love your series on cathedrals. Now if only that building outside didn't block the full sunlight on the glass! AARRGGHH!!

11 Mar 2008 4:24pm

@Steven: Yes, tough luck! I think I was half an hour late! I guess the shadow was casted by one of the cathedral's pillars.

Michael from Wuppertal, Germany

Great shot again, love the detail and the colours here!

11 Mar 2008 4:43pm

@Michael: Jo mei, die Baiern hom's halt! Hätt ja sonst nix gebn mit die Saupreissn! :-)

Ina from Krugersdorp, South Africa

Awesome colors, great artwork.

11 Mar 2008 8:11pm

@Ina: Thanks, Ina! Shooting photos here is definitely harder than in smaller churches, the proportions of the Cologne Cathedral are just great. Most of my failed shots I'm doing here! :-)

akarui from Kagoshima, Japan

A beautiful glass window. As said a correction of the vertical...

13 Mar 2008 3:15am

@akarui: ;-D

Twelvebit from Victoria, United States

I'm curious in shots like this one especially, since the subject is relatively fragile: did this window actually survive the war or did it have to be restored?

13 Mar 2008 10:40pm

@Twelvebit: Most of these windows were dismantled and protected at a secure place before the bombings started. Most of them, even the 800 year old medieval windows, survived. Destroyed windows were replaced by rather plain substitute windows after the war.
Only a few weeks ago one of this surrogates has been replaced by the "Richter-Fenster", executed by German Artist Gerhard Richter, that has a unique 'pixelized' design.

Eduarda from Povoa de Santa Iria, Portugal


14 Mar 2008 11:26pm

@Eduarda: Thank you, glad you like it!

Brites from Povoa de Santa Iria, Portugal

Good light!

15 Mar 2008 9:54am

@Brites: Yes, at least on the left side! I think I was half an hour late, the sun was faster than me!