Ceiling Fresco, Santa Maria Maddalena, Rome

Posted by MadScientist (Düsseldorf, Germany) on 31 May 2008 in Art & Design.

We've been here a few months ago: La Maddalena is dedicated to St Mary Magdelene. It is situated at a very beautiful square I unfortunately failed to photograph adequately (next time!) and Rome's only true Rococo church - we'll get the chance to have a closer look at its beauty in our next visit. The fresco in the vault shows The raising of Lazarus at the prayer of his sister Mary, I don't know who painted it. My original photo had an almost sepia tone. When I corrected the lighting the true colours were revealed. God, I love image processing!

Ronnie 2¢ from London, United Kingdom

I am trying to imagine your revealing the 'hidden' colors in this image . . what a moment that must have been. This is truly beautiful.

31 May 2008 9:57am

@Ronnie 2¢: Actually it was just a push of one button and I was finished. Really flabbergasting! :-D

Michael Skorulski from Cigel, Slovakia

Astonishing detail and lovely colors in this great fresco.

31 May 2008 11:21am

@Michael Skorulski: I'm the last one who expected these colours. As so often, light was quite dull when I made these photos and only two and a half years later I can really see what I have photographed there. That's quite cool! :-D

Helma from Tehran, Iran

wow !! Amazing shot and Great idea ! thank you.

31 May 2008 1:27pm

@Helma: My pleasure! If you're interested: here are many more church shots :-)

Japanalia from Yokohama, Japan

Here you go again with these amazing presentations and I am so happy that you give us a further chance to see things of beauty (which I'll never see in person!) Thank you!

31 May 2008 2:25pm

@Japanalia: You're welcome. You'll like the next one :-)

JoeB from Brampton, Canada

The brilliance of colour, I was going to comment on how well the paint has lasted, thank God for the electronic darkroom.

31 May 2008 9:46pm

@JoeB: Amen! ;-)

Ian Bramham from Manchester, United Kingdom

Really nicely done...you must have been lying on your back on the floor to get this one!

31 May 2008 9:49pm

@Ian Bramham: Actually it's much simpler: for captures like that I just lay my camera on the floor, lens to the top. For releasing the shutter I use my remote control. That's all. Pretty simple :-)

Twelvebit from Victoria, United States

I don't know how much simpler that is, not be able to see what's in the frame. But when I think of being on my back, I think of the painter, and what a bitch it must have been to paint something this size on a ceiling.

3 Jun 2008 2:06pm

@Twelvebit: And this is just a small church! Michelangelo described it best in his own words after he had painted the ceiling of Sistine Chapel.


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