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Summers aren't like this anymore.

Posted by
MadScientist (Düsseldorf, Germany) on 20 July 2008 in Sport & Recreation and Portfolio.

This is not going to be a continuation of the discussion we had a few weeks ago but an attempt to convince myself that it's summertime and that we could be able to enjoy sun, warm temperatures, a flawless blue sky and all the joys we're associating with this season.

However, this year summer at home is canceled, like last year. But if you can't make it, fake it: here's a shot from last year, but taken in a different region with far better weather (at least at some days). We've already seen several impressions of this lovely place and you certainly recognize it: Tegernsee, Bavaria, Germany's south.

Daryl from Amagasaki, Japan

Lovely blues! Idyllic...

20 Jul 2008 10:59am

@Daryl: Thanks, Daryl!

Lorraine from Canada

Yes Daryl said it 'Idyllic' an image to live for, for sure...there is something different in the air...

20 Jul 2008 1:04pm

@Lorraine: That's Bavaria! They're sort of gifted there, this is the Texas of Germany.

Observing from West Cheshire, United Kingdom

Beautiful summer skies.... and + 25'C. But MS, I have to blame the scientists..... they keep promising good weather tomorrow, but we only get rain. They say global warming will scorch the earth, but it's cold and wet. But this is a good photo :))

20 Jul 2008 4:58pm

@Observing: Ah, meteorology isn't science, it's sort of voodoo!

JoeB from Brampton, Canada

Those are beautiful mountains in the background, Utopian atmosphere. Sounds like your getting more rain then sun and flooding, that garage I hope they got the car out in time. I have to lament with Observing, those pesky scientists I usually predict rain and they prove me wrong 75% of the time.

20 Jul 2008 7:38pm

@JoeB: Utopian atmosphere in this summer: definitely! But that's no garage, at least not for cars: it's used for small boats you can hire :-) Tegernsee lake is a well-liked tourist attraction not far away from Munich.
pesky scientists: Well, if you meet a meteorologist, strip off his epaulettes! :-)

Laurent from Lyon, France

a lovely perfume of summer holidays. Yes... only perfume for me this year also...

20 Jul 2008 8:44pm

@Laurent: Think I'll continue this series until sun comes back... :-)

Michael Skorulski from Cigel, Slovakia

Very pretty, MS. It certainly is the essence of summer.

21 Jul 2008 2:24am

@Michael Skorulski: Some palm trees are missing though... ;-)

Twelvebit from Victoria, United States

Knowing where you are I can't help but think of the movie Funny Games (the original --I haven't seen the remake for American audiences).

23 Jul 2008 10:44pm

@Twelvebit: That's so not fair!
(Hope you're not too affected by this nasty storm that's near you!)

akarui from Kagoshima, Japan

All those little sails on that lake with a wonderful good weather sky (half moon) and the low mountains around. Beautiful.

26 Jul 2008 5:26am

@akarui: Weather there changes pretty fast (as always in the mountains), but when the sun comes out it's really wonderful. :)