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My reflection in a misty mirror

Posted by
MadScientist (Düsseldorf, Germany) on 29 October 2008 in People & Portrait.

Though your humble MadScientist prefers to stay behind the camera, and my 'manifesto' says that plants and stones are my favourite subjects, I think that I've found an approriate image for today's photo theme self portrait. Yep, one of the two guys in the lower left corner is me, taking a photo of an information panel on Karl Junker. And no, I'm not cross-eyed! :-P

Many thanks to Isao and dj.tigersprout for this cool campaign!

Margie from Auckland, New Zealand

Haha..I love it! Very cool self portrait...or part thereof.

29 Oct 2008 5:23am

@Margie: I'm glad the motto wasn't "Me, Naked." :-D

Observing from West Cheshire, United Kingdom

Cool shot, it's like an apparition coming from the historic photo. :)

29 Oct 2008 6:42am

@Observing: Actually it is an apparition... ;-)

Linerberry from Sumner, Christchurch, New Zealand

Really great to meet you ms:-) A very fitting image indeed...Bravo!

29 Oct 2008 7:03am

@Linerberry: Yeah, Karl and me would have been great buddies! :-D

akarui from Kagoshima, Japan

Good idea for this theme using this historical page to insert your portrait.

29 Oct 2008 9:23am

@akarui: For God's sake the motto wasn't "Me, Naked". :)

Paco Díaz from Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Hello, glad to see you int his mysterious image :))

29 Oct 2008 10:34am

@Paco Díaz: It's just the effect of ISO 1600... ;-)

Isao from isère, France

Nice interpretation !!!
I love !
Nice to "see" you Madscientist ;-)

My misty self-portrait here :

29 Oct 2008 10:45am

@Isao: Thanks, Isao, glad to see you too! :-)

Evelyne Dubos from Le Mans, France

Hi Ms ! Great idea it's almost like a ghost appearance. Nice to meet you, even if it's a discreet contribution, i could henceeforth put a face on your comments... :-))

29 Oct 2008 12:51pm

@Evelyne Dubos: I hope a small rest of the secret still remains... :-)

Laurie from New Jersey, United States

Nice work. Makes a great self portrait entry.

29 Oct 2008 1:49pm

@Laurie: Thanks Laurie, glad you like it!

Lorraine from Gatineau, Canada

Oh how neat is that, bravo, great self-portrait MadSc :)

29 Oct 2008 1:57pm

@Lorraine: Thanks, Lorraine! To be honest, I'm that long-bearded guy in the upper left corner... ;)

Michael Skorulski from Cigel, Slovakia

I like the intensity of this interesting SP. Well done.

29 Oct 2008 2:04pm

@Michael Skorulski: Thanks! I didn't notice that I was actually photographing myself until I reviewed my pictures. :)

Vincent Lam from Shanghai, China

Nice to see you MadScientist! I really like your architecture photos!

29 Oct 2008 3:22pm

@Vincent Lam: Thanks so much, Vincent!

PD from Overland Park, Kansas, United States

Hi MadScientist! nice to meet you.

29 Oct 2008 3:22pm

@PD: My pleasure! It was the mistied mirror I could find.

Ana Lúcia from Leiria, Portugal

Hi MadScientist! Nice to meet you. :)
A wonderful artistic concept that is well executed.

29 Oct 2008 4:15pm

@Ana Lúcia: Thank you so much, Ana Lúcia! Glad you like it!

Lilly from Atlantic Shores, United States

Fantastic! I love the mystery. I think I've got you spotted.

29 Oct 2008 4:19pm

@Lilly: I lied. I'm that beard-man. :)

JJ from Jersey City, United States

Nice to meet you, this is another novel approach to his self portrait day, very creative,

29 Oct 2008 4:55pm

@JJ: Thank you, JJ, much appreciated!

Ron from Saint Louis, United States

One of the best I've seen today ... you really don't look all that mad ...

29 Oct 2008 5:04pm

@Ron: Ha! Wait and see... ;-)

Rui from Leiria, Portugal

Hello! Nice to see you.

29 Oct 2008 5:54pm

@Rui: My pleasure, Rui!

Laurent from Lyon, France

a mad artist for a madscientist.
Nice to meet you
I like the way you are haunting this information panel

29 Oct 2008 6:04pm

@Laurent: Thanks so much, Laurent! Or, to quote a movie from the Sixties: It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world! .-)

Eleftheria! from Athens, Greece

Nice to meet you!

29 Oct 2008 6:26pm

@Eleftheria!: Many thanks, Eleftheria! Pleased to meet you too!

MaryB from Staffordshire, United Kingdom

"Hello there" very pleased to meet you at last MS. What a creative sp, i love it :)

29 Oct 2008 6:45pm

@MaryB: To be honest: it was creativity by coincidence. :) But I'm glad so many people like it!

Francesc B. from région parisienne, France

Very creative, mysterious and original... happy to meet you.

29 Oct 2008 7:29pm

@Francesc B.: Thanks, Francesc, the pleasure is all mine!

Ronnie 2¢ from Atlantic Shores, United States

Now, we both think you are the beard man !!

29 Oct 2008 8:12pm

@Ronnie 2¢: I need a shave thrice daily. Really.

Fliss from Melbourne Beach, United States

Great shot... nice to meet you...

29 Oct 2008 9:22pm

@Fliss: Thanks a lot, Fliss! Glad you like it!

dj.tigersprout from San Bruno, CA, United States

Yes!!! HELLO MS!!! :D Such a pleasure to make your visual acquaintance!!! Sorry this is so late in coming - i am still working my way down the list!!! I think we have had about 90 participants -- just AMAZING!!! This is an AWESOME shot -- and i LOVE your sense of humor!! Just WONDERFULLY done and nice to meet you!! THANKS A TON for participating...!!! BRAVO to you!!! :D

29 Oct 2008 9:58pm

@dj.tigersprout: i LOVE your sense of humor - you can't imagine what this means to a German! ;-)
Well, I put a Bravo! back to you! What a party!!!

Sammi from New Jersey, United States

Nice to see you. I also get to read a little history while I'm here, eh? :P
Nah. Its nice to meet you, MS! Thanks for sharing!

29 Oct 2008 10:35pm

@Sammi: My pleasure, Sammi! A little history - well, here's so much of it, it makes your head spinning. Sometimes it's sufficient just to watch. :-)

Twelvebit from Victoria, United States

Very clever of you.

29 Oct 2008 11:16pm

@Twelvebit: I tried sort of a German approach... (19th century style)