Magi Window, Cologne Cathedral

Posted by MadScientist (Düsseldorf, Germany) on 6 January 2011 in Art & Design.

The Cologne school of painters produced some fine masterpieces for Cologne Cathedral in the early 16th century. This is the Magi Window from 1507/1508. 16 coats of arms in the bottom rows show the noble ancestry of the donator (the archbishop of Cologne, Hermann of Hesse). The depicted saints (St Peter, Mary, St Elisabeth of Thuringia, St Christopher) are his patron saints. Above them the Magi present their gifts to Mary and the Child.

Akarui from Japan

Very beautiful window.
I wish you an happy New Year madScientist !!

6 Jan 2011 9:19am

@Akarui: A very Happy New Year to you too!!!

Benkirane Thami from Fès, Morocco

Je trouve chaque vitrail magnifique! Un réel plaisir de venir les admirer chez toi!
Bonne journée lumineuse et chaleureuse!

6 Jan 2011 10:23am

@Benkirane Thami: Très gentil, merci beaucoup, Benkirane Thami!

Phil David Morris from Saskatoon, Canada

I love coats of arms, fascinating in themselves, a superb window, photographed so well.

6 Jan 2011 12:54pm

@Phil David Morris: Many thanks, Phil! I'm not completely satisfied though, it's not the same quality as in my Belgian photos, but I will try again!

MARIANA from Waterloo, Canada

wow.... how impressive and your presentation is fabulous !

6 Jan 2011 1:53pm

@MARIANA: Thanks so much! Not as good as my Belgian windows, but Cologne cathedral is special, I will try it again and again.

Ted from South Wales, United Kingdom

Blown away again by the amount of detail you manage to capture, good colours too.

6 Jan 2011 7:09pm

@Ted: Will need some more tries, though!

Curly from South Shields, United Kingdom

Another fabulous window to add to your growing collection.

6 Jan 2011 7:18pm

@Curly: Can't get enough of this! :-)

Steven from Chicagoland, United States

Oh wow! I am always amazed at how you're able to capture the full window from a view that seems to look straight on. Do you ever need to utilize panoramic stitching? Beautiful detailed work that you've captured in great detail!

7 Jan 2011 2:57am

@Steven: These windows are usually small enough to fit into one lens, I use it sometimes for big buildings and squares (but will have to learn much more about this). Light wasn't optimal here, though.

Ronnie 2¢ from Atlantic Shores, United Kingdom

I cannot remember having seen such an impressive window nor one that has such overall integrity. You deserve to feel very proud of this photography.

7 Jan 2011 10:10am

@Ronnie 2¢: Not this one. :-) Perhaps of one of the windows from Prague, Brussels, or Bruges. I hope I'm getting a bit better city by city.

Magda from Vancouver, Canada

Another beautiful image! The detail is stunning

9 Jan 2011 4:42am

@Magda: Many thanks, Magda!

Céline from New York City, United States

Nicely captured !

11 Jan 2011 4:37am

@Céline: I'm still learning. :-)

Japanalia from Yokohama, Japan

You are the MASTER at capturing stained glass windows!

14 Jan 2011 11:35am

@Japanalia: Many, many thanks!


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